Established in 1975, the Pathology Lab has grown to match the requirements of Oncology diagnosis and speciality care. The department is well supported by updated automation and well-trained, dedicated, experienced technical staff to carry out the special investigations required for oncology.

The Pathology department hosts an in-house automated IHC analyser, a Serum tumour marker (CLIA) analyser of the best possible configuration, which is available at select centres only. The department is well equipped to handle Biopsy processing for delicate core biopsies to robust oncosurgical specimens, with thorough dissection for detailed reporting as per CAP guidelines, pTNM staging, and IHC.

Breast cancer cases undergo comprehensive workup with Trucut biopsy followed by in-house hormonal assessment, Her2neu, and Ki67 markers, all within a week to be discussed at the Tumour Board for further treatment protocol.

Hematological malignancies and under workup cases are taken care of by bone marrow examination including Trephine biopsy, cytochemistry (MPO), and processed for flowcytometry and cytogenetics workup in conjunction with one of the best oncocare diagnostics within a stipulated time frame. The Pathology Lab also facilitates Daycare Chemotherapy services by providing urgent haematological, serological, and Biochemical investigations within a short time frame.

Feasibility for submission of cases to be reviewed histopathologically
and guidance on further therapeutic decisions are offered by Histopathologists, both for in-house and outside cases.

All the above services are enrolled for quality assurance (EQAS) with nationally accredited organisations like ISHTM-AIIMS (Delhi), CMC Vellore and National Cancer Grid-NCG (TMH Mumbai).

What we offer

Complete haematological & Biochemical tests profile including Hormone assay

Quality assurance standards

NABL (ISO 15189:2012) Accreditation in Haematology, Biochemistry, and

EQAS certifications
Unique features
Walk in for lab tests (Monday – Saturday, blood sample collection upto 5pm, Biopsy submission up to 6pm)

* indicates outsourced
** Immunohistochemistry for ER PR Her2neu Ki67 index Inhouse. Other markers as customised panels outsourced at competitive rates from reliable, internationally accredited agencies

#CA125, CEA, CA19.9, CA15.3, AFP, LDH, BHCG, PSA,

LH, FSH, T3, T4, TSH, VitB12, Folate, VITD3

Doctors in the department