• Meherbai Tata Memorial Hospital was established
  • Selectron (ICRT) LDR machine installed
  • Simulation and treatment planning system started
Diagnostic centre with CT scan, USG and X-ray set up
Mammography facility established
1st MRI Installed
Selectron (ICRT) LDR machine replaced with HDR machine
Elekta Linac system installed
New 128-slice CT scanner was installed
Spiral CT facility shifted to Tata Main Hospital
Immunohistochemistry testing facility established
MRI 3 Tesla scanning centre set up
Meherbai Tata Memorial Hospital expansion initiated
PET CT Centre, Medical Oncology, Department of Palliative Care Ward and therapeutic garden set up
New Hospital Management system was established

Intensive Care Unit setup with

  • Special cabins
  • Lymphedema Clinic
  • Dietician
Low Dose Therapy Unit setup with
  • 177-Lu PSMA therapy
  • 177-Lu DOTATATE therapy
  • Digital Mammography with Tomosynthesis and stereotactic breast biopsy

Milestones & Achievements