Pet-CT scanning services have been available at MTMH from July 2019 onwards as part of the Tata Trusts expansion programme for MTMH. It is the only PET CT machine in Jharkhand, so far.

PET-CT scanning is an important imaging modality in the diagnosis and management of various types of cancer. PET-CT also has other non-oncological applications like myocardial viability study, brain PET, etc.

The Department of Nuclear Medicine has both a PET-CT (at MTMH) and a Dual Head Gamma camera (at TMH). Routine scans are carried out on the gamma camera and radioiodine therapy for hyperthyroidism and samarium therapy for bone pain palliation are also given. Bone densitometry is also a service provided by the nuclear medicine department.

What we offer

PET-CT Scans


The department has the following Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) qualified personnel:

Contact details are given below for telephonic appointment or any other query:

Mr. Amtiav Chatterjee
PET-CT Reception
Mr. G. Sonai Muthu

Contact Number
+91 657 6641352

Doctors in the department

Dr Sujata Mitra

Head Consultant & HOD,
Nuclear Medicine, TMH

Dr Abhishek Kumar

Nuclear Medicine, TMH

Mr G Sonai Muthu

Nuclear Medicine Technologist cum RSO